Testimonials maken mij trots. Vooral omdat het anderen zijn die vertellen wat ik voor hen betekend heb. Ik hou er namelijk niet van om mezelf op de borst te kloppen, maar als anderen dat doen, vind ik dat natuurlijk wel erg gaaf.  Ik zou dan ook niets liever zien dan dat jij mijn volgende succesverhaal wordt en ik jouw testimonial kan toevoegen aan deze pagina.

“Erwin is best described as a strategist in executive coaching, he has an unique sensory acuity in reading people and find their blind spots. He is relentless in getting breakthroughs and results. I like his happy mindset and ability to stay positive in all circumstances, I recommend him for executive coaching!”

“Erwin is a highly skilled professional with good knowledge of his business. He has a strong client service focus and is well determined to find solutions. His skills to overlook problems and analyse the main issues help him to get results. Next to these skills he’s very friendly, humoristic and acts in a well considered way!.”

“I feel that he really cares about my progress and has an abundance of skill and wisdom to share ”

“Erwin helped me to give (much) more direction to my professional career, and to give the accompanying challenges a place and way to handle them.“

“I came to Erwin because there was something in my behavior that I wanted to change. I had already tried a lot to do that. However, it was very deep and it seemed as if I had no control at crucial moments. It was a pitfall that I repeatedly invaded and with which I could emotionally damage myself and other people. I did not want that anymore. Erwin also discovered that it was deep, had the right tools to help me and heal this. I am now 4 months further and there have already been several situations in which I fortunately didn’t fall back in my old pattern. I am very grateful to Erwin for that..”

“Erwin is very good at understanding, improving and simplifying processes and getting everyone’s nose in to the same direction, while using a bit of humor. Erwin has an easy way of explaining complicated technical queries and is great at rationalising requests,. He is always keen to help a customer. I have learned a lot from Erwin.”

“Erwin helped me to achieve my business and private goals. It is clear that he has passion for his profession and he exudes expertise.”

Geschreven testimonials

Naast de quotes en de videotestimonials heeft een aantal klanten ook een mooie ingelijste testimonial overhandigd, waar ik erg trots op ben. Je kunt ze hieronder lezen.