Be the person you want to become!

Does this ring a bell?

Are you ready to become the person you’re destined to be? Do you have the right mindset? Let’s start with an example of what I mean:

A single lady is desperately searching for a partner. Because when she finds her soul mate, she finally can be herself, enjoy life, feel positive, relaxed, calm. But since she’s still single (and her friends aren’t), she’s getting desperate. Maybe you can relate to this, or you might in fact know somebody that fits this profile (male or female).

So, let me ask you this. As long as she is desperate, what kind of men is she most likely to attract?

That’s right, men that find desperate women attractive, for whatever reason (good or bad).

Now, when she is just herself, enjoying life, feeling positive, relaxed, calm, what kind of men is she NOW most likely to attract?

My best guess: her soul mate. There is just one condition, she must BE herself truly, in every bone/muscle/cell of her body.

Now for the bigger picture

Now, take this concept and put it in a much broader perspective…….

  • Are you desperate to score that big contract?
    Or can the customer put is problem without any problem into your hands……..
  • Are you desperate to get that job?
    Or is the employer full of confidence that you’ll get the job done…………….
  • Are you desperate to become a millionaire?
    OR are you already a millionaire, you just can’t access the account yet…………….
  • Are you desperate to… whatever…..?

Does the bigger picture of how this applies to you start to form? If we drill down to the core of the problem, it’s all in the mindset. But how do we change that?

Albert Einstein

The famous Albert Einstein had a great quote I’d like to share with you:

So if we want different results, we have to start doing things differently. But that can be hard, because we are habitual animals and changing habits takes a lot of effort and time. Unless you take the shortcut and get some coaching.

It’s all in the mindset

A good coach works on the mindset of his clients. Begin with the end in mind, one of the 7 habits of highly effective people (Steven Covey). So you need to be the person you want to become. you have to think, feel and act as that person. Getting your mindset aligned to your end goal is a big step into the right direction. You want help with that? Just contact me.

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